Write-up 6 -- Mohan Dish. Sapporo's best curry (2/27/12)

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I've been a regular at Mohan Dish since it opened about seven years ago (Feb 2012 now).

When it first opened it was a very small dingy shop. I believe the place used to be a ramen shop since the counter table that seated six people was at “the ramen eating” height. There were roughly six tables and you'd have to get out of the restaurant and walk into the connecting building to go to the washroom, which wasn't the most pleasant place to go to. The interior was decorated nicely with the usual Indian decor.

My first impact was of two very cheerful Indian workers screaming a loud “Irashaimase”. Man, those two had the energy to make this the most successful Indian curry shop in town.

After about a year of going to this place off and on, I started to go there once a week after work and on my days off. I've always been satisfied with what they “dish” out.

Since then they have moved to a new location (北海道札幌市北区北24条西4丁目2−10). The new place is much more spacious. It has two counters for about twelve people, many seats for two, and a few other tables for large groups. They also have a second-floor area for parties. Same great taste and much cheaper than a lot of the other curry shops in town. There are usually three or four people working in the kitchen ensuring that your food will arrive promptly.

If you have time, try to go at lunch. This might be one of the best deals in town. The Dal Curry with naan or rice and salad is only 700 yen. Chicken curry is 750 yen and the spinach chicken curry is 850 yen.

Besides a great and large variety of curries, the restaurant also serves other stuff like tandori chicken and various kinds of naan bread. I hope you’ll have time some day to go to this restaurant!

To go to Mohan's web page: click here!


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